About us

Vision and mission

Our vision

To become a leader in the areas of production, distribution and service with fresh product on honest foundations.

Our vision for the future is clear. To provide quality logistics services in the field of refrigerated food. We want to become a leader to whom you can turn to with confidence. Our commitment to all our customers is increasing professionalism and continuous progress.

Our mission

We create a professional combination of fresh product with the taste and need of the consumer.

Our mission is to provide such services so that all refrigerated food deliveries arrive at your destination in uncompromising quality, properly packed, in the required quantity and above all on time. Your job is only to sell.

Our story

Today, we are no longer just fruit and vegetables wholesaler. We grow, import, store, pack, ripen and deliver on time.

We provide comprehensive service in the field of fresh fruits and vegetables.


HORECA partner

We acquire the subsidiary Abasto, s.r.o. in Mníšek pod Brdy, specializing in the HORECA segment.



We are expanding the Brno HQ by another 8,000 m2.


Petrol station Hortim

We opened the Hortim petrol station, which you can still find on Kšírova 242 in Brno.


Branches in 5 cities

The network of branches in Prague, Bratislava and Karlovy Vary is gradually expanding.

We also obtain ISO 9001 quality certificate.


We transport

We established a subsidiary Cargo-Hortim, Ltd. for international and domestic transport and forwarding.


* Hortim

Hortim-International, spol. s ro with international capital participation of the leading Dutch company De Groot is established. The company’s first offices were in Brno-Bohunice. The warehouse was located in Studenec, near Náměšť nad Oslavou.

Two years later we built a 3,000 m2 facility in Brno with state-of-the-art banana storage and ripening facilities.


Company introduction

You know us as a provider of quality fresh food services. It has been a long time since our company was established and we have not rested on our laurels. We are constantly improving and looking for ways to get closer to our customers and understand their needs.

Today Hortim is a trading and logistics-service company with a strong transport and technology background. We provide services for international chains, foreign and domestic fruit and vegetable producers. We provide cross docking, city logistics, service providing and ripening bananas. Capacity of our storage and handling areas, specializing in refrigerated vegetables, fruits and related foods.

We are a member of the Total Produce Groups, one of the world’s largest suppliers of fresh produce. Total Produce is active in 26 countries, but services a lot more countries. Its distribution network reaches over 100 locations located around the world.

Hortim prefers to supply fresh fruit and vegetables from local production throughout the season. Outside the growing season on the domestic market, it uses the synergies of the international group Total Produce. The Total Produce  Group cultivates, imports, packs, offers and distributes over 300 types of fruits and vegetables. The assortment includes a wide range of products. From the most common to the most exotic. Total Produce offers complete solutions and provides its services to retail, wholesale, e-commerce and gastro operations. Total Produce offers its customers comprehensive solutions to their needs, whether they include simple services or whole-category management.