Imported fruits and vegetables

You can count on a complete range of products from around the world.

We respect market requirements

Demand for citrus fruits continues to rise and there is interest in new tropical fruits.

We meet annual European demand.

We respect market requirements

Fresh salads in winter and summer

Thanks to our extensive infrastructure, we deliver fresh salads also in the winter months, in the summer months we primarily work with Czech growers.

Fresh salads in winter and summer

Favorite stone fruit

Stone fruit is now very popular all over Europe. That is why we have increased the supply of stone fruit for you and filled the empty space on the market.

The stone fruits supplied include peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, avocados and more.

Favorite stone fruit


March April May June July August September October

During this period we import fruit mainly from Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and South Africa.

October November December January February March April May June

In the northern hemisphere, all of Europe and North Africa produces. For example, Greece, Spain, Italy and Croatia are major citrus producers.

We pack cleverly

Cleverly packed

We pack fruits and vegetables in modern packaging. We try to choose environmentally friendly materials.