We ripen

Computer-controlled ripening guarantees the highest quality bananas for our customer in any season.

Our principles of handling bananas

  • Bananas are sensitive to mechanical damage. Dropping a cardboard box from a height of 30 cm can cause the banana to soften and turn brown.
  • Bananas are stored at 11 – 18 ° C (optimum 14 ° C), lower temperatures or drafts can cause damage to the fruit..
  • At an early stage of maturity, bananas are stored in a sealed foil (microclimate), and when ripened, the foil is opened to provide ventilation.
  • The banana box must not be completely fixed with protective foil and natural ventilation must be provided.

Example of quality bananas from our portfolio

SCB bananas 100% quality

As a producer, carrier, importer and ripening provider, Compagnie Fruitere ensure full product traceability and food safety. Compagnie Fruitere own one of the largest distribution networks in Europe (France, UK, Spain and Portugal). In Morocco, they provide their customers with 20 of their own ripening facilities, in other countries they have a dense network of ripening partners,one of whom is  Hortim.

SCB = the best African bananas

Bathed in the African sun and grown with the greatest care. This is how SCB bananas acquire their unique and irresistible taste, which is extremely rich and intense.

During their 9-month growing season, SCB bananas are grown in accordance with the principles of integrated agriculture. These include:

  • Significant restrictions on pesticide use, such as the cultivation of SCB banana trees in vitro and in nurseries without GMOs, making them more resistant to disease.

  • The day-to-day care of banana trees is mostly done by hand.

  • Soil protection. The soil is systematically fallowed, using crop rotation and afforestation program, where over 1 million trees have already been planted.

  • SCB Premium banana plantations are Global Gap and ISO 14001 certified.

What do our customers say?

Customers rated anonymous samples of bananas from Africa (SCB), Central and South America, as well as organic varieties from the Dominican Republic. The SCB banana was placed as follows:

1st place
Best overall look
1st place
Structure in the mouth
1st place
Taste: typical for the country of origin
1st place
Ratio - Purchase price / quality