Logistics and transport

Endless selection of products delivered fresh and on time.

Complex logistics of fruits and vegetables

Hortim offers the full range of logistics services required by the customer. High-quality logistics means providing us with ideal conditions for your goods to stay fresh as long as possible.

We pay special attention to constant temperature control during transport, handling and storage. When working with goods, flexibility, speed and care are paramount.

What is the complex logistics flow?


Receipt of goods to the warehouse and their qualitative and quantitative control will ensure trouble-free tracing and flexible handling.


Storage in own premises in a controlled temperature chain.


Special technologies in storage. We have modern technologies for ripening bananas or sorting goods.


Complete packaging logistics. Depending on the specific characteristics of fruits and vegetables, we always select the appropriate shipping container.


Administrative processing. According to the customer's requirements we prepare the packaged goods including formal requisites.


Preparation of ordered goods for picking and handling in required quantity and quality.


Expedition. Picking of fruits and vegetables.


Transport. Transport of fruit and vegetables to the customer or to the destination as required.


Modern fleet allows us to ensure continuous distribution of fresh products in the required time. The required transport temperature and other transport requirements according to the type of goods are ensured.


What matters

  • Maintaining the required transport temperature
  • Use of suitable packaging materials
  • Time flexibility
  • Environment
What matters

Cargo Hortim

Cargo-Hortim spol. s r.o. provides services in transport of goods. We offer domestic and international transport and specialize in related logistics of transport-intensive goods.

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