Controlled storage

Always the right temperature.

The correct temperature

Our storage facilities are computer controlled.

Thanks to modern technologies we are able to simply maintain the required constant temperatures in all warehouses.

Sufficient space

The total area of our warehouses is over 35,000 m2.

We guarantee our customers optimal conditions for a sufficient range of goods.

Cross docking

Cross docking is based on the need to synchronize all logistics processes that save the customer time, money and space. It is a simplification of the process of collection of goods from the manufacturer or supplier and their subsequent delivery to the final retailer.

With cross docking, you reduce the need for storage space and stock levels, while making transport more efficient, accurate, more professional and less expensive. Your liquidity will increase. Capital tied to stocks shall be released.

Cross docking services

  • Optimization of shipping, packaging and shipping costs
  • Improving delivery times to retail stores
  • Shorter storage time of goods
  • Increase your own storage capacity
  • Goods monitoring during the entire handling of goods
  • Consolidation of supplies from various suppliers and subsequent dispatch of completed shipments